Project Management and Sustainable Development Principles

Roland Gareis,Martina Huemann,André Martinuzzi pages:200     Sustainable Development has become a buzzword, with everyone from CEO’s to legislators calling for the adoption of its principles. And while there are many terms for it — “Corporate Social Responsibility”, “Corporate Sustainability”, “Corporate Citizenship”, fundamental questions remain.Is Sustainable Development just a PR exercise for organizations trying to demonstrate a commitment to something other than a financial bottom line, or can it bring real lasting value? And if it is of value, how can Sustainable Development, which is fundamentally focused on the long-term, bring value to projects, which are by definition, temporary? In 2010, an interdisciplinary team of project management and sustainability practitioners and researchers from the University of Vienna, supported by a research grant from Project Management Institute, set out to answer these questions. Before their multi-year journey …

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