Cavitand-, Fullerene-, and Porphyrincontaining Langmuir Films: Preparation of Mechanically and Optically Active Monolayers

Cavitand-, Fullerene-, and Porphyrincontaining Langmuir Films: Preparation of Mechanically and Optically Active Monolayers A dissertation submitted to theSWISS FEDERAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ZÜRICHFor the degree ofDoctor of Natural SciencesPresented byFederica MarottiDottore in ChimicaUniversitá “La Sapienza” di Roma, Italyborn May 21, 1972 in Rome, ItalyAccepted on the recommendation ofProf. Dr. François Diederich, examinerDr. Carlo Thilgen, co-examinerProf. Dr. Peter Walde, co-examinerDr. Jean-Louis Gallani, co-examiner …

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