Biology for Dummies نویسنده:Rene Fester Kratz , Donna Rae Siegfried

  by: Rene Fester Kratz , Donna Rae Siegfried Life is all around you, from invisible microbes and green plants to the other animals with whom you share the Earth. What’s more, these other living things aren’t just around you — they’re intimately interconnected with your life. Plants make your food and provide you with oxygen, microbes break down dead matter and recycle materials that all living things need, and insects pollinate the plants you rely on for food. Ultimately, all living beings rely on other living beings for their survival. What makes biology so great is that it allows you to explore the interconnectedness of the world’s organisms and really understand that living beings are works of art and machines rolled into one. Organisms can be as delicate as a mountain wildflower or as awe-inspiring as a majestic lion. And regardless of whether they’re plants, animals, or microbes, all living things have numerous working parts that cont …

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